What Are The Prerequisites To Data Recovery Deleted Files?

First and foremost, the Data Recovery medium must not be damaged and should still be recognized by the computer without any problems. It is also important that, if possible, no attempts are made to restore the data. 

The data carrier should also not be connected to the computer or to another device – there is a risk that the Data Recovery will be overwritten by the device. Write access should therefore be avoided.

The possibility of data recovery depends on various factors such as: B. the file system, the operating system and also the medium (memory card, SSD, HDD). An analysis is therefore always necessary before recovery.

Data carriers that have been processed with a so-called debugger can only be restored in a few cases, since the Linkedin data is completely destroyed by an external magnetic field. In individual cases, however, an attempt can still be made, but the chances of data recovery are very small.

If possible, no attempts should be made with free software, as this usually causes even more damage and tends to counteract the recovery of the data.

Data Recovery

How to recover deleted files?

Special software is used for recovery, which can find the already freed memory blocks and recover the data from them. In some cases, the data carrier must first be repaired before the data can be copied – this repair is carried out in a clean room laboratory.

In principle, data can also be restored on different operating systems, it does not matter whether it is a Windows computer or a computer with macOS or Linux. It can also be restored on mobile devices – even if the data has been lost due to a software update. In the event of problems with data backup in the cloud, solutions can also be found to make the data available again.

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