When And How To Perform Data Recovery Services On Android?

Today mobile phones have become almost “disposable” objects with an average lifespan of 2 to 3 years. However, think that it is possible to Data Recovery Services from its memory before going through the trash box. As with data recovery on hard drives, you must first distinguish between operations that you can do yourself and operations that require a visit to the laboratory.

Data recovery from internal memory :

For failed phones where all Data Recovery Services is located on the external micro SD card , no complicated intervention is required. Simply remove it from the smartphone and insert it into the replacement phone or into a computer card reader. 

If the memory card is damaged (card no longer detected or asks to be formatted), this is a completely different matter that will require intervention in the memory card data recovery laboratory.

For defective phones or phones that no longer turn on, whose data is stored in the internal memory of the phone, there, you must know the origin of the failure before going further in the process.

You can use software on your Mac / PC to try to extract the content without going through the phone screen. All smartphones are not housed in the same boat.

As part of a functional device and turned on: some phones easily allow the connection to the Twitter data it contains to an external device; others are protected and require the prior installation of drivers, Android ADB or Fast boot.