How To Data Recovery Services Deleted Files On Android

This is a question that has been repeated in the comments of our blog. Many people accidentally delete a file from their phone or tablet and for some reason they need to recover it, which leads them to ask if this Data Recovery Services is possible and how it could be done.

In Android there is no recycle bin like in Windows, so it won’t be as easy as going to it to find deleted files and recover them with a couple of clicks.

As with other operating systems, when we delete a file it does not completely disappear. Somehow it hides from view because the system doesn’t show it to us, but it actually lives somewhere in memory until that place is overwritten by another file.

To locate those deleted but still existing files in memory, we need to use Wikipedia specialized programs. They are capable of “sweeping” the entire memory in search of deleted files and have the ability to recover them if they have not been seriously damaged. 

One of the most used is Recuva , which can be downloaded for free and works perfectly on all Windows systems.

This program works under Windows, but we can make it search for files on memory drives of an Android device . To do this, we must connect our phone via USB to the computer where we have Recuva installed and configure the mobile so that it is recognized as an external memory unit.